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Order your textbooks from us at maximum discount prices! For international books you’ll receive a discount of 14%. For Dutch books you’ll receive the maximum permissible discount of 10% during order-periods and outside those periods the maximum permissible discount of 5%*. The order period for Period 1 is between July 1, 2019 and September 16, 2019.

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The books you order here are checked by your institution. That means you can be certain you order the right books for your courses!

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Order your books with easy home delivery via PostNL (the Dutch national postal service). We’ll make sure you have your books before classes start. They’re home delivered for only 1,95 Euro.

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You can become a member during the checkout process, if you’re not a member already. If you become a member during checkout, you immediately get the member discount.

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*Discount on Dutch books
For Dutch books, there is a fixed price by law. An exception applies to textbooks. Students who order during a collective ordering period receive a maximum of 10% discount on the fixed price for textbooks because the study association can order them collectively on their behalf. Outside these ordering periods you can still order your books online, but in that case you receive a maximum of 5% discount on Dutch books (when ordering at least 2 different Dutch books at the same time).For international books there is no legislation and you always get the maximum discount from the study association!